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DES MOINES, IA | CALL: (515) 265-1105

DES MOINES, IA | CALL: (515) 265-1105



Prep work

Metal is prepped by lightly sanding existing paint to prepare surface to receive new paint. Metal will be wiped down and cleaned prior to paint application. If required, metal will be primed. Surrounding areas and parts not to be painted are masked off.


Painting application

The metal to be painted receives a negative charge, while the paint has a positive charge. Paint is applied with a rotating bell shaped paint gun for complete coverage.

What can be electrostatically painted?

Metal lockers

Metal bathroom partitions

Metal doors, door frame, and window frames

File cabinets 

Elevator doors

Railings, fences and gates

Advantages to electrostatic painting

More complete paint coverage

Greatly reduced overspray

Durable finish

Can be done for 1/4 to 1/2 price of new replacement cost